Covid cuts sleep-hours of working moms, raise workload

Friday, 21 May, 11.54 am
New Delhi, May 21 (IANS) The Coronavirus pandemic which started last year has taken a heavy toll on the working mothers in India with significant reduction in their average sleep time and more than two-fold jump in time taken to care for elderly in the family, a nationwide survey showed on Friday.Working mothers in the country are now sleeping for only 5.50 hours per day as compared to 6.50 hours every day on average in pre-Covid era (before 2020), a reduction of about 17 per cent.They are now spending 01.50 hours more taking care of the elderly/others in the family than in pre-Covid times, according to a survey carried out by market research agency Market Xcel Data Matrix covering 1,200 working mothers across the country. The pandemic has also altered working mothers' routine and lifestyle -- their time of exercise and entertainment has also been reduced significantly.